Areas of action

Seriously playing with words

The Re-Word-It project was born out of the need to involve students in their learning process. We are committed to bringing back the enthusiasm and curiosity in learning, reading and writing.


We bring back the pleasure of writing through challenges and tools for building and editing texts

Pleasure in writing:

We use unblocking challenges to get students into play mode – a relaxed way to achieve high levels of concentration, motivation and pleasure. We also encourage text editing, stimulating curiosity through the observation beyond what is written in a book, looking at the way the author wrote it.


We encourage constant reading practice in a relaxed and informal format

A new look on reading:

The tutor tells or reads, in a captivating way, texts from the oral tradition or from authors’ books. Listening to stories, told by the tutor or read for the whole class, allows attentive listening habits to be created, increasing the curiosity for silent reading.

We also encourage constant reading practice either unguided or through a variety of stories provided.


We train attention and exercise coherence between body and mind to optimize performance and emotional self-regulation

Relaxation / Attention and emotion:

We use exercises done in a systematic and relaxed way to train attention, to defocus and refocus. These strategies can enhance learning, memorizing what was learned and interconnecting knowledge.
We also promote coherence between body and mind, and work on emotional intelligence to promote self-regulation and resilience.

Inner hearing

We use the inner hearing to work intonation and to reverse cases of unsuccessful reading

From music to reading:

​To improve fluidity in reading and text comprehension, we encourage the development of the inner hearing using phrases and texts, in a work that also involves memory and emotion. This work is especially important in the pre-reading phases, and in cases of reading failure.


We transform learning by developing awareness of the mechanisms each one uses to produce, to understand and to learn

Thinking about thinking:

We work on the metacognition of memorization and learning processes, so that each student can participate in their own evolution. We encourage the observation and application of different forms of learning, promoting autonomy and intrinsic motivation.

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