To prioritize writing and reading, as we work on cognitive and emotional intelligence, focussing on attention and motivation for creativity and curiosity development as anchors of the learning process.

Reading and writing play a central role in every area of knowledge, and because of that, they are our priority. Learning is not limited to a short time period; it accompanies us throughout our lives.

We believe there is an urgent need for change in education, so that everyone can access the knowledge and tools necessary for school, professional and personal development. After all, we live in a world that is constantly evolving and, to keep up with it, it is necessary to develop creativity and curiosity. It is essential that we think about thinking, that we work on cognitive and emotional intelligence, that we invest in attention and motivation.

Read our article published in Indagatio Didactica Journal, University of Aveiro, presented at the IV International Writing Meeting (VI Encontro Internacional de Reflexão sobre a Escrita).



To introduce new approaches to reading and writing into the learning process, bringing awareness to each individual’s most efficient strategy for learning.


At Re-Word-It we work on new approaches to reading and writing; through word and thought games, we stimulate idea generation and the capacity to overcome writers’ blocks. 

We foster a relaxed environment for accessing memories, idea association and innovative creative approaches.

Through raising the awareness of how we learn, we work on identifying the most important strategies for each individual.

Doing so, we give back the power over the learning process, stimulating the intrinsic motivation: the pleasure of learning.