Educational materials

We develop diversified materials and strategies, both in writing (challenges and games), as well as in reading (informal and accessible, metaphorical), also involving attention, memorization and metacognition techniques.

Dare to write! The 77-word challenge

This is a 60 card game that proposes writing challenges based on letters, words, ideas, or mathematical concepts. The goal is to write a text with more than 77 words and then reach the most important part: proofreading, removing what is unnecessary. This is how we improve writing while having fun.

Support of € 14.5 = 1 game (for international shipments, contact us)

Intonation cubes with images

The intonation cubes with images add a distracting element to the reading, transforming it into an attention exercise. The goal is to ask the student to read a particular sentence according to one of the images on the cube. Each image corresponds to an emotion or feeling. By using the cubes, we are encouraging the identification of emotion markers in the reading tone.

Support of € 5.5 = 1 model of 2 illustrated cubes for download and printing

Intonation cubes with phrases

The intonation cubes with phrases should be used to work reading aloud. The use of this type of indications in reading is an excellent exercise in attention training and even increases word repetition, consolidating the mental decoding dictionary. All this in a playful format that results in laughter and well-being.

Support of € 5.5 = 1 model of 2 cubes with phrases for download and printing

Writing and proofreading checklists

This support material for text production presents suggestions to identify the characteristics a given text has. The checlists help to build stories, opening the door to genre awareness in writing and to the tone of the written text; and, finally, to proofreading: shining a light on text weaknesses and providing suggestions for refining the literary quality of the writing.

​Support of € 4.5 = 1 model of writing and proofreading checklists for download and printing

Dare to learn!

How to make a learning game

Revising is often really tedious. Students reread their notes, but almost always with no interest in doing so; they look over them and mistakenly feel that they are ready for the test, when in fact, they are not. With this lack of motivation, the content stays in a kind of limbo, and is often forgotten.

We want to give a different idea about revising!

Support of € 5 = 1 model download and printing – includes explanation, cards, board game and dice