Meet the team

The Cultural Association Trilhos das Palavras was born to build and tread new paths in learning. We start from stories, from games – seriously – with letters and words to share our enthusiasm for reading and writing.

Margarida Fonseca Santos

Writer and trainer, with strong connections to music, pedagogy and theater, Margarida also works in mind training. She is responsible for the 77-words project, recommended by the National Reading Plan 2027. Margarida writes books for children and adults and published, in February 2019, the book «Reasons for writing».

Isabel Peixeiro

Isabel tells stories since she learned to speak and devours books since she started reading.

Her keen curiosity led her to explore the world of molecular biology, always with a book under the arm. Until she changed the test tubes for words and writing projects. Currently, she dedicates herself to infecting children with her passion for reading and writing.

Winner of the prize: Prémio Matilde Rosa Araújo 2021 – children’s book – with “Vai subir ou vai descer?”

Rosário P. Ribeiro

Rosário worked between ships and seas of paper. Her passion for reading, writing and its challenges, song lyrics, and the team work brought her to this project, where she manages the back office and ensures the good mood.

Paula Isidoro

Paula takes foreign languages in her backpack and goes around smilingly giving back what she learns with teenagers and adults. With crooked lines, destiny wrote a straight path to creative writing where she has been very well accompanied. Example of that? The book Creative Writing Challenges, 2018.