All our work is based on Joy – the joy of reading, of writing, of learning, of being curious –, on metacognition – gaining autonomy and awareness of the learning process – and on constructive, individual and collective feedback, focussed on motivating others to go further.

Continuous education for groups

We provide continuous classes for students and adults, focussed on writing and reading, on memory and attention, on metacognition and hearing. Our work plan is adapted according the identified needs of the group and each individual student, with the aim of helping them acknowledge their own emotions and others’. 

Our courses

Individual courses and group courses for young students, adults, parents, educators and teachers. We work with people who want to implement new ways of approaching reading, writing, metacognition and the act of dealing with emotions, so that they become part of the professional and personal daily life.

Didactic tools

We provide didactic tools for working on writing, reading and on metacognition, both in a classroom setting and at home.