The project

We believe in learning for pleasure, in autonomous and conscious learning, and in feedback capable of building trust and knowledge, in an environment where emotions and thoughts are part of the process.

Vision and Mission

To prioritize writing and reading, as we work on cognitive and emotional intelligence, focussing on attention and motivation for creativity and curiosity development as anchors of the learning process.

To inntroduce new approaches to reading and writing into the learning process, bringing awareness to each individual’s most efficient strategy for learning.



All our work is based on Joy – the joy of reading, of writing, of learning, of being curious –, on metacognition – gaining autonomy and awareness of the learning process – and on constructive, individual and collective feedback, focussed on motivating others to go further.


With your donation, you will be supporting our project, allowing us to offer classes and teaching materials to institutions that need them, and to continue building new materials.